Special Surfaces

Bingoz Concept products provide effective protection against virsuses, germs and bacteria.

It has been reported that Covid-19 virus can continue its activity for up to;

  • 2-8 hours on aluminum surfaces,
  • 5 days on metal surfaces,
  • 4 days on wooden surfaces,
  • 4 days on glass,
  • 4-5 days on paper,
  • 9 days on plastic surfaces,
  • 6 days on dry surfaces in aerosol,
    at room temperature when no cleaning application is performed.*

Today, minimizing the negative effects of viruses, bacteria and microbes on human health is one of the subjects that experts work on most. Longterm survival on surfaces, the colonization by multiplying, and spreading from contaminated objects of these invisible microorganisms increase their characteristics that threaten human health. The applications made by users who want to stay safe, with chemical cleaning materials cause permanent damage to the human skin and burns in the lungs, as well as deforming the properties of the surfaces such as color, slipperiness and durability over time.

Our special matte surface ceramics with Nano Silver Ions destroy many harmful viruses and bacteria, including Covid-19, keeping you safe from invisible dangers.

Having the hygiene technology of the new age,

Special matte surface ceramics prevent the growth of dangerous microorganisms that are not visible to the eye, stop their development and provide long-term hygiene thanks to Nano Silver Ions.

All surfaces where hygiene is important such as kitchen, bathroom, living room, airport, hospital, school, hotel, swiming pool – SPA, gym and shopping mall are among the potential uses of this product.


– Damage the cell membrane of bacteria and viruses and deform them structurally,

– Stop the energy production by disrupting the protein chains in the structure of microbes,

– Activate active oxygen and cause oxidative degradation of microbes,

– Degrade the genetic material of pathogens, in other words their DNA, thus preventing them from reproducing by copying. themselves.


In addition to these, Bingo Concept offers products with anti-slip values in the R1-R13 range, which can be adjusted as desired according to the application area and purpose. Technology that creates safe floors in places where non-slip is vital; It is an ideal choice for residences, kitchens, bathrooms, terraces, balconies, poolsides, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, restaurants, subways, schools and business centers.