Chairwoman’s Message

Bingoz Concept is proud and confident with its robust brand philosophy.

Turkey is one of the fastest growing country in this globalised world because of its currency advantages. With varied product demands globally, Bingoz Concept cashes on this and has taken it up as an opportunity to provide world class products to its precious customers on the global scale, starting by 2021. Our company is excited to enter into new geographical areas to increase its export. With sales and marketing in over 30 countries we will be committed to be the best tiles exporter of high-quality Vitrified Tiles. The company has well-established network throughout the whole country, and it has market its presence in export market countries.

We target excelling in the tiles industry with outstanding quality and customer support not only in Turkey, but also in various countries across the globe. Based in Turkey, Bingoz Concept supplies the most appropriate product for its customers in terms of money, time and quality either by purchasing from the manufacturer (Turkey leg) or by having it produced in its partner factory in India.